Arion was founded to serve the data science needs of startups, SMEs and enterprise level operations.

In the past decade companies of all sizes have produced an ever increasing pool of digital data describing all aspects of their businesses. However, they’ve had limited scope to be able to access it, understand it and leverage the knowledge hidden within it.

Today, computational power has developed to such an extent that machine learning techniques are widely accessible and data science has become the focus of many industry sectors that are looking for a cutting edge. Our primary goal is to enable our customers to make the best use of their data by using the most up-to-date techniques.

About Us

Arion Ltd. is a specialist data science service provider. We have scientists, engineers and technicians with specialist skills in the application of machine learning solutions. We provide these skills as a service to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Our bespoke solutions are able to provide a number of benefits: These can be quantified as cost savings, though, often it is the unquantifiable advantage of having insightful and relevant information to make big strategic decisions at the crucial moment, or being able to surprise and delight your customer, or simply being the first know.

We love breathing life into all of the great ideas that our customers bring to us, but we also encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship within our own company. To this end we are working on a number of our own products where we see a strong need. When defining these projects we consistently apply a clear project directive: Make it simpler, make it better.


Data science covers a multitude of skills. Our experience tells us that the ‘unicorn’ data scientist does not yet exist – one who excels at all aspects of data science.

Arion’s data scientists have each developed their own unique skills profile, but collectively we’re able to offer our customers appropriate skills at the required time to deliver the data projects you can think of, as well as many that you can’t!

Each customer comes to us with a unique set of requirements and environmental factors. We’ll work with you to define the best solution for you. Whatever your data science needs are, we have the means to realise your goals.
Our senior data scientists are at the forefront of their field and are constantly evolving with it. We use a number of approaches that, either singularly or in combination, address our customer’s requirements.
- Regression
- Clustering
- Dimension reduction
- Forecasting
- Recommendation systems
- Deep learning
- Gradient boosted tree
- Model selection
- Enterprise search
- Incident management
- Workflow management
- Knowledge management
- Product life management
- User engagement & productivity ­ commonly referred to as Gamification

Customers Needs

Arion is based and registered in the UK, however our data scientists are base all over the world. Many of our projects can be fulfilled remotely and at distance. This approach allows us to deploy the most talented data scientists to any location in the world cost effectively.

Nevertheless, it is sometimes necessary for us to be based on site with our customer. We are happy to arrange this whenever and wherever appropriate.

We are also sensitive to the national security requirements of government agencies and their contractors. If a customer is obliged to work within these rules we will endeavour to provide personnel and technology that fulfil the necessary requirements.